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     Pixy Dust.

     Shhh. It’s a secret. As only the privileged few can tell you, it can bring riches, fame, love, and success beyond your wildest imaginings. However, bad Pixy Dust can make all your nightmares come alive. This is what happened to one unfortunate sixth-grader named Mackie Magruder.

     Mackie was one of the underprivileged masses, so he knew nothing of Pixy Dust. That all changed on his eleventh birthday when he turned from the perfect child into the perfect awful child. Suddenly, Mackie no longer believed in magic, couldn’t laugh and was unable to dream. No teacher wanted to teach him and no one wanted to be his friend. Instantly, he became an outcast.

     Strangely enough, on that same day Sally Sweeny turned into the perfect awful child on her eleventh birthday. Sally was one of the privileged few so she knew just about everything there was to know about Pixy Dust. From her family’s fantastic mansion, Mackie and Sally join forces and go on an odyssey into the mysterious Pixy Dust Factory to find a cure. It’s a perilous journey that leads to the discovery of the source of good Pixy Dust available to children everywhere.

Beverly Bridges