In a distant time there was a secret valley of Osotwo where there lived the Furians --- humans who talk to the birds and have wings to fly. Polaris, a simple seamstress, is raising her brothers Galven and Jink. The boys dream of sword fights and armies. Polaris is haunted by a very different dream --- that of the baby Edmar, who was lost to the No-flyers 25 years ago.
     Polaris's quest to find Edmar takes her and her brothers across the world to England. There she finds a forest and a splendid manor house owned by a very rich but very sick young duke. Never mind that Rat-boys, dungeons, hostile Noflyers, talking birds, a masquerade, the devious Countess Agatha, enchanted knights and soldiers made of thread complicate the search for Edmar. Worst of all is the wicked wizard Whitlock who’s been busy brewing his potions, spells, curses and one very nasty plot with one goal: bring Polaris to England to separate her from her wings. If he is successful it will cost Polaris her life and turn the duke’s happy domain into Whitlock's wicked kingdom of slavery.

Kindle fun expert, author and screenwriter.

Beverly Bridges