* Get familiar with the tablet’s hardware.

*Navigate through the Kindle Fire’s screens.

* Download content from the Amazon.com store including apps, games, ebooks, music, videos and more.

* Read ebooks, watch videos, listen to music and more.

* Access and write e-mail.

* Surf the Internet.

* Get more help.

The Super Easy  Kindle Fire Guide

If you’re new to the Kindle Fire or still trying to unlock it’s mysteries then “The Kindle Fire Super Easy Guide” is for you!

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"The Kindle Fire Super Easy Guide"

Learn the Kindle Fire Basics Fast!

“The Kindle Fire Super Easy Guide” will help you:

When you first get your Kindle Fire the last thing you want to do is sit down for hours and slog through a technical manual.  You want to start having fun right away!  That’s why I wrote “The Kindle Fire Super Easy Guide.”   My brief guide has lots of pictures and simple steps explaining the tablet’s most popular features.


Beverly Bridges

Kindle fun expert, author and screenwriter.