Hannah Prince and her older brother Jack want nothing more than to get out of their cramped New York City apartment and go to the country. But for their loving parents, (card carrying members of the rat race), it would mean taking an unwelcome break from their high-stressed jobs working with “dot com’s.”
     The family’s world is turned upside down when they inherit Aunt Julia’s quaint country house and the 35 acres it sits on, Raify Hills. To Hannah and Jack’s amazement, sharing the property is a supernatural world of House Fairies, Woodland Fairies and the wry but not dry Water Fairies. It’s all been perfectly preserved --- but for how long? With their parents determined to sell Raify Hills and the wicked Mayor Flintey scheming to tear it down and put up a slew of oil wells, nothing less than the survival of the fairy kingdom is at stake. It’s up to Hannah and Jack to tap the magic inside them to save them all.

Beverly Bridges

Kindle fun expert, author and screenwriter.