Episode Seven

Downloading eBooks



of Beverly's Kindle

is coming this September!

Beverly's Kindle - Episode Four

Check out more of my videos below by clicking on an image.  They might give you a few ideas on how to have even more fun with your Kindle Fire.   Tap a video to play.

On a trip to San Jose, Beverly shows you how to access magazines on your Kindle Fire.

When confronted with her neighbor's crazy dog, Olive, Beverly uses her Kindle to get out of the house and do some gardening.

Episode Eight

Your Kindle Home Screen

Kindle Fun Videos!

Beverly's Kindle - Episode 8
Beverly's Kindle - Episode Three
Beverly's Kindle - Episode 6

I wrote "The Super Easy Kindle Fire Guide" for those who don't like manuals.  It's full of easy to follow illustrations and tips for getting you up to speed fast on those features most often used.

Episode Two

Connecting to WiFi

Episode Four

Buying Apps

Beverly uses her Kindle Fire to cook lunch for her family who are coming to pick up their very depressed dog.

The Kindle Fire is much more than an ebook reader --- it’s a portable home entertainment center!  But whether you’re new to computers or a technology wiz kid, navigating your way through the Kindle’s maze of features can be confusing.  In a series of short videos Beverly guides you easily through set-up to exploring the features and  endless apps.  It’s a real treasure hunt with the emphasis on F-U-N!

Beverly's Kindle - Episode 1
Beverly's Kindle - Intro

Episode Three

Episode One

Episode Five

Power Up Your Kindle

Beverly's Kindle - Episode 2
Beverly's Kindle - Episode 7

Kindle fun expert, author and screenwriter.

Episode Six

Surfing the Internet

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Hardware Tour

Beverly Bridges

Beverlly's Kindle - Episode 5

What's In The Box

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