Filming “Covington Cross” at Shepperton

Studios, England.

On the set of "Quantum Leap" with Scott Bakula

Beverly was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in Stamford, Connecticut. She’s had homes in Manhattan, San Francisco, London and Los Angeles where she currently lives.  After the untimely death of a cherished friend, Beverly became the godmother to twins, Annie and Susie, who bring countless blessings into Beverly’s life every day -- including the inspiration for her books for kids, ages 10 and up!

Author, filmmaker, screenwriter, librettist, composer and lyricist, Beverly is a multi-talented artist. She has written four books for children: “The Gold Feathers,” “Fairies in the Attic,” "Birdie and the Princess Rescuers" and “The Pixy Dust Factory.”

As a composer/lyricist/librettist Beverly has written two musicals: “Step Into A Fable” and “Where The Music Begins.”

Beverly Bridges

Kindle fun expert, author and screenwriter.